What are the USEtox user interfaces and how do they work?

USEtox – The UNEP/SETAC Scientific Consensus Model

What is USEtox?

What is USEtox?

  • USEtox is the tool for assessing and replacing chemicals in personal care, toy, building material and other products.
  • It characterizes human toxicity and ecotoxicity impacts for thousands of chemical emissions and product applications.
  • USEtox provides a scientific foundation for the comparative assessment of chemicals.

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USEtox user interfaces:

Your inputs to USEtox

  • Select your chemical among >10000 chemicals.
  • Define your product and usage characteristics.
  • Provide the chemical mass fraction in product or directly emitted to the environment.

USEtox determines

Chemical exposure of users, the general population, and ecosystems.
Relative measures of risk and of cumulative impacts for use in risk screening, chemical alternatives assessment, safe and sustainable-by-design, and environmental life cycle assessment.